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Operational Review

An Operational Review is an assessment of the way that the business or organization department functions.

Typically it covers the way that the business processes are aligned to delivering excellence in either Customer Service (internal or external) or to delivering the strategic objectives of the business.

An Operational Review encompasses:-

  • Corporate/Department Objectives

  • Staffing roles and goals

  • Workflow and document flow

  • Review of productivity and efficiency

  • Cost Analysis

  • Assessment of the effectiveness of management control systems

  • Accuracy and validity of management reports

  • The use of IT to leverage costs down or to build market differentiation

  • Business process re-engineering

The resultant report will assist Senior and Departmental Management in addressing the bottle necks that impede the business and secondly identify those areas where either cost may be removed from the process or value may be added to improve the competitive position.

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