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About Carr Management Consultants

In the complex modern business environment, sharp focus is required in every area to maintain growth and success. Carr Consultants can provide project based or ongoing focus to support your management team in achieving its goals.

Our approach recognizes that each organisation and business person is unique. By listening, and understanding your needs and goals we can help you achieve more.

Using proven defined methodology, we formulate a “road map” to ensure that we accurately capture your requirements and then agree on how we might proceed.

Why Choose Us?

A small, B2B Consultancy Practice, with a team of industry domain experts. We like to maintain a friendly, open and inquisitive approach, backed by integrity - always.


  • With more than 20 years experience as a Management Consultants backed by commercial experience at board level, Carr Consultants is the preferred choice when it comes to business management

  • Clients rely on Carr Consultants to streamline operations, improve business performance and win more business

Before You Engage Carr Consultants

Before you consider using our services you may prefer to speak to a Senior Consultant in confidence. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal conversation.

We Improve Business Performance.

Specialist in Change Management and Operational Performance


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