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Business Growth with "Think-Forward"

"Think-Forward" is your business toolkit, specifically designed for an Owner, Director or Senior Manager to think and operate strategically, in driving business performance and growth.

The toolkit, provides the framework for the compilation and implementation of a performance driven, Three Year Operating Plan (TOP) that aligns the desired strategy with operational execution.

"Think-Forward" contains two manuals:

Part 1. Administration Guide

This manual provides the guidelines, templates, timetables and relevant subject matter explanations to formulate, maintain and drive a performance focussed, Three Year Operating Plan (TOP)

Part 2. Performance Manual

This is the active management manual containing the project plans and supporting documents that are used to drive through the Performance Initiatives in each of the strategic areas.

Based upon the four main pillars of the Business Excellence Model, "Think-Forward" provides all the content, instructions and supporting tools necessary to address each of the following areas.

• Strategy Development.

• Three Year Operating Plan

• Sales and Marketing Plan

• Financial Plan

• Process and Lean Systems Management

• Performance Management

• Risk Management

Additional sections are included for capturing support functions to the strategic drivers.

"Think-Forward" Programme Support

To assist in configuring the Performance Manual, the Think-Forward Team provide subject matter experts to work alongside the business, to deliver more detailed, initiative specific, support, embedding the programme deliverables into the business ensuring that the desired success is achieved.


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