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Business Review

A Business Review is an excellent diagnostic tool for understanding where the business currently is within its market, its aspirations and its capabilities

A review is used to best advantage where you have a concern and would like to focus upon one or more of the following:

  • Strategic Options

  • Current Performance and Measurements

  • Productivity and Efficiency improvements

  • Organisational Effectiveness

  • Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

  • Business Development

The review is generally undertaken in a short period of time dependent upon the size of the business unit.

The method adopted would typically use a recognized format for Business Analysis and the key performance indicators (KPI’s) therein and would cover the four main functional areas:

  • Finance

  • Sales And Marketing

  • Operations (inc. Information Technology)

  • Human Resource

The resultant report would present its findings and recommendations based upon the initial objectives of the review.


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