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Process Improvement

Process Improvement refers to the alignment of processes within a business to its strategic goals.

This is achieved by designing an appropriate organisation structure, assigning roles based upon the strategy and then supporting the delivery of the roles objectives with data and processes.

Mapping your processes, and assigning relevant indicators, helps you to understand the importance of the process within your business with the objective of leveraging value generated.

Processes fall into three main areas:

  • Strategic

  • Core

  • Support

Having mapped your processes then the next stage is to establish measurement systems that align with business goals and both educate and organise managers so that they will manage the processes effectively.

Driving performance improvement requires a Business Analyst to data-mine and compile process maps from which Value Analysis may be undertaken.

Our experience in business analysis is considerable, we have undertaken many projects ranging from global manufacturing companies, multi-national financial departments to smaller transport, logistic and warehouse businesses.

In every project we have been able to deliver measurable business improvement in both financial and customer satisfaction.

If you would like to know how we can help you reduce costs and improve service levels then call to discuss how looking at your processes may be an answer.


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