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Business Strategy

Can you answer in less than ten seconds exactly what your business does?

  • Where do you see your growth coming from over the next three/five years?

  • How will you finance your future growth?

  • What options face you?

  • What constraints will you have and who will your competitors be?

  • Why will prospective customers buy from you?

  • What threats do you have to your business?

  • Is planning relevant in this fast changing world?

The above are just a selection of a myriad of questions that you may or may not be able to answer.

Depending upon the size and culture of your business, planning may not seem relevant but be assured that undoubtedly those companies that achieve success, have very clear, well defined, well thought out strategies for achieving it and those that don’t are severely disadvantaged.

Carr Management Consultants have regularly been engaged by organisations to assist them in reviewing, preparing and developing their Business Plans; we work alongside you, understanding your aims and objectives and appreciating the constraints you may be operating under; our approach is detailed, practical and constructive.

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